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We feel we can conquer almost any feat in this industry. In keeping with this mission, we offer a wide variety of services.

No job is too big or small, as we treat each project with the same meticulous attention to detail.


Basic Tune

  • Comprehensive inspection of entire bike, condition, and functionality
  • Adjustments to shifting, braking, drivetrain, wheels, steering/suspension, and accessories as necessary
  • Quick cleaning of frame, fork, drivetrain
  • Wheels removed, wiped down if necessary, and trued in the truing stand
  • Covers labor charge for installation/replacement of most parts, if necessary
Services Dartmouth
New and Used Bicycles Dartmouth

Superior Tune

  • Includes everything from the Basic Tune, plus:
  • Re-greasing of any bearing(s), and repacking if necessary
  • Bottom bracket removed and overhauled
  • Drivetrain components thoroughly cleaned
  • Frame is thoroughly cleaned and given a coat of wax


  • Includes everything from the Superior Tune, plus:
  • Completely new set of all cables and casings
  • Each component on bike is polished after cleaning
Services Dartmouth
Services Dartmouth


  • Shipped/purchased bikes removed from box and assembled, lubed, checked, test driven
  • Additional arrangements may be possible regarding shipping, and preparation for shipping

Fork Overhaul

  • Cleaned and prepped, oil and seals replaced (additional cost of oil/seals depends on model), and rebuilt
  • Opportunity to tune/tweak (setting, oil weight) depending on desired function
  • No need to spend more money on service AND shipping to manufacturer, on top of waiting while in transit

* Service/overhaul/rebuild of rear suspension also possible depending on model *

Services Dartmouth
Services Dartmouth


  • Specific problem areas targeted
  • Broken up into 15 minute intervals, when applicable, to reduce cost to customers

If you have more specific service-related questions, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

We invite you to complete the contact form and then we'll be able to call or email you with the information you’ve requested. We strive to understand and exceed your expectations.

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The Bike Pedaler

61 Portland Street,

Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1H1


(902) 702-3706