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Had a good experience with The Bike Pedaler and would like to share your story?

Great addition to the darkside, part of the "new Dartmouth" vanguard along with TIBS, Nectar etc.  Received much better, friendlier service here than at Ideal Bikes in Hfx.

Purchased a ladies vintage bike here as a gift (a nicely restored mixte) - great service from Marc, and helpful suggestions in every respect.  His new Brodie bikes would have tempted me too - good value/quality for the money.

Definitely a keeper for D-town!

Sam D.

What can I say?  It's a bike shop with a bit of a twist.  Inside free parking, comfy seating area and someone who clearly knows bikes.  

I was having trouble with my own bike and I foolishly took it somewhere else to be fixed.  After two days of riding, problem still there.  So a friend of mine suggest the Bike Pedaler.  What really surprised me?  After bringing the bike in, I was told it would be ready in a few days.  Ummm... don't you even want to know what's wrong with it?  Apparently, with a quick 2 minute once over, he had already determined the problem and even found a few others.  Got my bike back in a couple days and it's never worked better.

I'm happy to be a repeat customer.

Laurie M.

I love my bike. But I don't always know how to treat it right - the way it deserves and the way it needs.  

So when I found out that a bike shop was opening in downtown Dartmouth, I was legitimately excited. I'm pretty sure this is the only bike shop in Dartmouth, actually. The Bike Pedaler just opened. I mean, JUST. I'm writing this review on the 21st and they opened their doors on the 19th. I think my excitement is pretty clear.

I dragged my bike over late on Thursday evening (Open 'til 8? Fantastic!) and had a great conversation with Marc and Meg. Marc is very energetic, positive and outgoing - important traits in a new business owner. 

As we took a look at my bike, I was prepared to just nod my head and make the appropriate sounds as he pointed out the many aspects of my bike that he would fix. Except he didn't just say what he was going to do. He explained things. I learned. I grew. As someone who's not mechanically inclined, I appreciate when my level of knowledge isn't assumed to be high. When I mentioned my seat height was an issue, he pulled my bike down from the weird winch/harness-y thing (What? I said I wasn't mechanically inclined.) and pulled the seat out farther than I even knew it went. 

When I picked my bike up the next afternoon (uh, talk about turnaround time) not only was it fixed, it was pretty! Free cleaning? Aw. And this isn't one of those "I fixed your bike, pay me" type scenarios. I got a detailed list of what was done (and Marc explained why it was done) and what I'd need to do soon (including estimate). I've only ridden my bike briefly since then but it feels like a whole new bike. Makes me look forward to a summer of riding!

As for the store itself, it's pretty noticeable with the distinct red steps on Portland. Since it's just opened, the store is still fairly spartan but I imagine it'll fill up with accessories and impulse purchases as time goes on. I appreciate that, at the beginning, the focus is on the core of the business: bike maintenance. 

I'd also like to put a shout-out to their "free parking" service. Not for cars, of course, but for bikes. You can park your bike for free for up to two hours. Which is great if you ride into downtown and want to explore downtown Dartmouth a bit on a Saturday morning.

Kirk F.

What's this? A new addition to downtown Portland Street that isn't a tattoo parlor, a dive bar (and not the good kind), or a furniture store that only sells vintage 1991 pieces? Heck yes!

The Bike Pedaler is a recent opening that for now offers maintenance and repair for your favourite two-wheeled mode of transportation while also promising a growing inventory of new and second-hand bike parts to keep you on the road. Not being a cyclist myself, I can't really judge the range of services offered but as an outsider looking in, it was great to be welcomed into a chat about sustainable commuting in the city.

The owner is friendly, the space is modern, and the vision of a stronger biking community is alive and well. With free wireless, free two-hour bike parking, and cheap daily/monthly bike parking, it's only a matter of time before cyclists start taking advantage of this little community hub!

Ben B.

Usually, too good to be true is never true. But in the case of the Bike Pedaler it is. The guy, Mark, just goes however far he has to go to make sure you get what you want, and need. Time, help, and genuine interest seem to be endless. I got the bike I was looking for at a price I did not imagine was possible.  I'm glad I heard about him before buying a bike somewhere else. As good as it gets.

Steve B.

One day, while walking along Portland St, I stumbled upon a great little spot that had recently opened up-The Bike Pedaler. Opening the door to the shop, you are greeted by a wide variety of bicycles for sale-some reminiscent of my childhood ( I think I saw a banana seat)and others suitable for the serious biker. Lots of biking accessories are also available-from tires and locks to pedals and seats.
By the time I reached the back of the shop, where the tune up area was, I was inspired to get get my own bike spruced up,which had been collecting dust in the garage for more years than I care to admit. The next day, I threw the bike in the hatchback, and dropped it off to see if it could be revived. Within a day, I had my bike back, complete with new tires, chain, a brake job and most importantly-a new lease on life! The owner of the shop did the repair himself, and he was both friendly and had a wealth of experience in order to help me get back on the road.
After a few trial runs, this bi-ped has become a cycler once more-thanks for the inspiration Bike Pedaler!


Absolutely love this shop, my favourite in Halifax / Dartmouth.

Jonathan S.